Q. How much does it cost to park at Park ‘N Fly?

· . Park ‘N fly has a minimum rate of P340.00 (plus VAT) for the first 24 hours, and then a rate of P14.17 (plus VAT) for each hour after that. For the purpose of rate calculations, a fraction of an hour is considered to be a full hour.

Q. Do I need to make reservations?

· It is not necessary to make reservations at Park ‘N Fly. However, if you wish to contact us and inquire about parking availability, we may be reached at 854-9302 to 04, and 09189910000.

Q. Does Park ‘N Fly offer promotional rates or discounts?

· Yes, Park ‘N Fly offers a 5% discount for customers who avail of parking for 7 days or more, and a 10% discount for customers who avail of parking for 30 days or more.

Q. Is there a luggage limit?

· There is no luggage limit, other than what can physically fit inside Park ‘N Fly’s shuttle vans. For reference, Park ‘N Fly uses Toyota Grandia Vans.

Q. How does the Park ‘N Fly Free Shuttle Service work?

· The Park ‘N Fly Free Shuttle Service provides free transportation from Park ‘N Fly to, from, and between the four (4) airport terminals. The Park ‘N Fly Shuttle Service is a completely free and complimentary service for customers who have availed of Park ‘N Fly’s initial 24-hour parking rate of P340.00 (plus VAT).

Q. Does Park ‘N Fly offer other auto care services?

· Yes, the Park ‘N Fly Auto Service Center offers a full range of professional and convenient vehicle care services. These services include vehicle maintenance repair, refueling, cleaning, and detailing.

Q. Is there a recommended time for customers to arrive at Park ‘N Fly?

· Customers should allot at least 30 minutes on top of their regular schedules when checking into Park ‘N Fly. For example: if a customer’s flight is at 10:00 a.m., and they ideally need to be at their airport terminal by 8:00 a.m., then they should arrive at Park ‘N Fly by at least 7:30 a.m. The extra 30 minutes will cover a Park ‘N Fly customer’s vehicle registration, customer vehicle checklist, and the customer’s shuttle-van trip to the airport.

Q. What are Park ‘N Fly registration requirements?

· Park ‘N Fly requires a valid driver’s license from the customer and a valid copy of the vehicle’s O.R. / C.R. (Official Receipt / Certificate of Registration).

Q. Is there a place where we can stay while waiting for our flight?

· Yes, we have a customer’s lounge with complimentary Wi-Fi internet and TV where our customers can stay and relax while waiting for their flights. We also have other amenities such as a café restaurant, a 24-hour fully stocked Foodmart, a barber shop, and banking facilities.

Q. Do you also clean cars that are parked at your facility?

· Yes, we offer full cleaning and full repair / maintenance services while your vehicle is parked with us.

Q. How safe is our vehicle with Park ‘N Fly?

· Vehicles are extremely safe with Park ‘N Fly. Our multi-level secure parking is always well-lit and staffed by professional security, and is actively monitored by full time CCTV surveillance.

Q. Are there any other Park ‘N Flys?

· Park ‘N Fly is the only parking facility of its kind in the Philippines, located in Pasay City near the Manila International Airport (at the corner of MIA Road and Domestic Road). We are currently expanding our operations by constructing a new multi-level service complex also on MIA Road, directly across from our existing facility.

Q. What happens if my flights’ Departure and Arrival Terminals are Different?

· No problem. We can drop you off and pick you up from any of the four (4) Airport Terminals, even if these Terminals are different for your Departure and Arrival.